Depot Young Programmers

The Depot Young Programmers are a group of young adults, aged 16-19, who put on regular screenings at the award-winning Depot cinema. Our aim is to help bring a wider range of audiences into the cinema and explore a new world of cinema they may not have been aware of.

All our work is our own, we produce our own marketing materials, design our own posters and film our trailers. Everything we do demonstrates our sheer enthusiasm for film.

Our first screening, about a year ago, was The Girl with All The Gifts, a dystopian zombie film released in 2015. However, we’ve gone from dark complex films like this and Donnie Darko to all singing all dancing films like Hairspray.  We also had the nostalgia of Jaws and the Oscar winning Moonlight.

However, as film lovers we like to make an event of our screenings. In the past we have had magicians like Sam Jones, a Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist, perform before our screening of Labyrinth. We’ve had music from a local band as part of our film festival day, and even hosted world-famous film critic David Thomson in a live Q and A.

In the summer of 2018 we organised a day celebrating the work of female directors in the film industry in our very successful ‘Female Gaze’ Takeover day, with three films, being Persepolis, The Virgin Suicides and A Girl Who Walks Home Alone At Night, as well as live music, student film screenings and a film quiz.

Facebook: @depotyoungprogrammers

Twitter: @Depot_YP

Instagram: @depotyoungprogrammers

We are active on social media including Instagram, Facebook, Letterboxd and Twitter, posting all the information you need about upcoming events and screenings. As we start our second year of this exciting project we invite you to look out for our future events and join us in this experience.

Next Screenings:

Thelma and Louise – May 2 

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IRL: Under 25s Film Festival – May 23

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