Depot Young Programmers

This is the official page of the Depot Young Programmers. We are a group dedicated to sharing our enthusiasm and knowledge of cinema through the hosting of specially selected screenings and events for people our age.

All of our work is our own; we produce and circulate our media coverage and marketing, organise events and aim to create unique, wider viewing opportunities for young people at the Depot. Our screenings are curated, marketed and delivered by young people for young people, and shown once a month.

Depot is the latest member of an internationally popular trend for Young Programming; our work is modelled on the successes of similar groups at the Barbican Centre, the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the Aberdeen Young Programmers, Unió Jove Alternativa Cinemàtica, the Seville European Film Festival, Skalvija Cinema and Cineclube das Gaivotas, and the organisation A Bao A Qu. We are working to programme a variety of films on our agenda for local audiences, with ambitions of expanding to a summer film festival sometime in the coming year.

Our first screening was The Girl with All the Gifts, an independent British horror-thriller with an introductory session from the Young Programmers and slightly flu-ridden zombie ushers. We were delighted to find audiences held similar surprise and passion for a small-budget indie that was an uncertain first choice. We followed this with a sold out screening of Donnie Darko accompanied by a brilliant Q&A led by Dr Pam Thurschwell of the University of Sussex. This success solidified our place at the Depot as well as our hopes for the future; the group has an exciting path ahead of it.

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Next DYP screening

Our next screening Moonlight takes place on 27 February 2018 to celebrate Oscar season. Before that, we are hosting our own Oscars Quiz night on 20 February at 18:00 in Depot’s Studio. Check our Depot Young Programmers Facebook page for details.

Next DYP event

World renowned film critic David Thomson will be in conversation with the Depot Young Programmers on Friday 9 March.

Meet the young programmers

Each month, we’ll be providing mini-profiles to introduce new members of the DYP. This month we start with Edi …

What’s your favourite film?
Such a hard question! I really like Terrence Malick’s The Thin Red Line (1998). Or maybe The Tree of Life (2011). Both are far too long – but wonderfully made.

And your favourite director?
Celine Sciamma – everything she creates is so unique, heartbreaking and truthful about growing up. Her kids films are especially moving.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself?
My back-up life plan is joining a Real Housewives series.