A Dry White Season

Dir: Euzhan Palcy
Cast: Donald Sutherland, Janet Suzman, Marlon Brando
107mins   1989   US   15   English | Afrikaans | Zulu    F-Rated

Part of our Donald Sutherland Season

This screening will be introduced by a short ten minute presentation by Depot Chair of Trustees, Robert Senior

Teacher Ben du Toit mostly ignores the problems of apartheid in South Africa until he discovers that the son of a gardener at his school has been killed by corrupt policeman Stolz.

Du Toit persuades human rights attorney Ian McKenzie to try the long-shot case against Stolz.

During the trial, Du Toit's transformation into an advocate for justice is so absolute that it distances him from his family.

This film is unblinking in its depiction of the most violent side of apartheid' - Gene Siskel, Chicago Tribune

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Thu 22 August