A Fantastic Woman

Dir: Sebastian Lelio
Cast: Daniela Vega
104mins   2017   Chile   15   Spanish    Subtitled   

Winner of the 2018 Oscar for best foreign language film. Marina and Orlando are in love and planning for the future - she's a young waitress and aspiring singer, he's 20 years older than her and owns a printing company. When Orlando dies suddenly, Marina is treated with suspicion by doctors and by his family. Marina is investigated by the police and Orlando's ex-wife forbids her from attending the funeral. Orlando's son threatens to throw Marina out of the flat the couple shared.

Marina is a trans woman ... and for most of Orlando's family, her sexual identity is a perversion. Marina struggles for the right to be herself; battling the very same forces that she has spent a lifetime fighting, just to become the woman she is now - complex, strong, forthright ... and fantastic.

'It's the ultimate proof of why we need to see more transgender actresses telling transgender stories, as Vega adds a beauty, poetry, and brutal realism that immediately forges a bond between the character, her story, and the audience.' - Gregory Wakeman, Metro

'When the screen went dark prior to running the final credits, I assumed for an instant that some small initial section had come to a close. In fact, an hour and three quarters had gone by.' - Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

Accompanying the film, an exhibition of photographs entitled Transworkers can be viewed from 16 - 23 March in the Depot Studio.



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