A Kind Of Loving

Dir: John Schlesinger
Cast: Alan Bates, June Ritchie, Thora Hird
113mins   1962   UK   12A   English   

A young man, inching his way up from working-class traditions via a white-collar job, finds himself trapped by the frightening reality of his girlfriend's pregnancy and is forced into marrying her and moving in with his mother-in-law due to a housing shortage in their Northern England town.

'One of the most important films of the British New Wave, A Kind Of Loving owes much to the Angry Young Men of theatre. It has rarely been grimmer up north than in John Schlesinger's tale of social obligation, shame and self-destruction - yet by uncovering the passions beneath these frustrations he turns life's bit part players into characters in their own right' - Jennie Kermode

This film is being shown as part of the Voigt Film Club so please arrive at 10:30 if you wish to see the introduction. In order to attend the introduction and take part in the post-film discussion you should book the 'Course Participant' ticket.