A Love Supreme

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The story of a creatively driven and spiritually motivated man. This film traces the unique career of SPIKE WELLS, renowned jazz drummer, aka Fr. MICHAEL WELLS, Anglican priest.

Spike achieved early success on the drums during the 1960s and 70s with the Tubby Hayes Quartet. He also toured with Stan Getz, Roland Kirk and Ronnie Scott and did stints as house drummer at Ronnie's club.

After too many late nights and miles on the motorway, he opted for a secure day job by qualifying as a lawyer but music didn't take a back seat for long. He was soon back, joining the bands of Peter King and Bobby Wellins.

Then another twist. In his mid 40s, a religious conversion led swiftly to the priesthood. After this, he happily combined parish work with his beloved jazz gigs. And still does.

The film was first released in 2000 featuring interviews with the drummer, his family, Bobby Wellins and others. This 2020 edit has been updated and extended with additional interviews from Simon Spillett, Art Themen and Wells reflecting on his life to date.

Director: Gary Barber and Paul Dutnall

The film will be followed by a live performance by Spike Wells and his band.

Part of Cinecity 2020.


Sun 5 December