A Space In Time

Dir: Riccardo Servini, Nick Taussig
85mins   2021   England   12A   English   


A candid, lyrical, intimate portrait of one family’s struggle to transcend a merciless, fatal childhood disease, Duchenne muscular dystrophy. With  two young boys, Theo and Oskar, at the heart of the film, their parents are ultimately left to wonder whether their rare disease and disability – their difference from the rest of us – is not a weakness but instead a superpower, something extraordinary.

Disability is often poorly portrayed or misrepresented, its depiction seeking to elicit sympathy, a sense of tragedy, or worse still, pity, which helps neither someone living with disability nor someone living without it. Children, in particular disabled children, see this all too clearly, their thoughts and actions often revealing and expressing aspects of their experience as ‘disabled’ far more clearly and wisely than the usual outpourings of pity from the ‘abled’. Need a disabled person’s life be necessarily tragic?

'Here is a deeply personal documentary that raises awareness about a disability without neglecting the interiority of those living with the condition' - Phuong Le, The Guardian



Thu 5 August