All My Life’s Buried Here: The Story of George Butterworth

Dir: Stewart Hajdukiewicz
Cast: Matthew Cowan, Michael Mears
97mins   2018   UK   12A   English   

With post-film Q&A 

The English composer, folk song collector and country dancer George Butterworth was killed in 1916 at Pozières, France during the Battle of the Somme, aged just 31. In the chaos of war, Butterworth was buried where he fell and his remains were never subsequently identified. This is the story of George Butterworth's life and music; from his earliest childhood to his final hours in the violent confusion of the trenches. We follow Butterworth on his forays collecting folk songs to discovering what he found when he went out into rural England and how this informed his own music. We discover why Butterworth once described himself as a 'professional morris dancer', and explore what led him to destroy so many of his own compositions before he died. Tracing his journey to its tragic conclusion, we go with Butterworth into the trenches of northern France where his participation in increasingly desperate battles on The Somme ultimately cost him his life.

Followed by a question and answer session with the film's director, Stuart Hajdukiewicz, plus Shirley Collins MBE and Malcolm Taylor OBE


Sun 3 March