Dir: Lorna Tucker
Cast: Jean Whitehorse, Reimert Ravenholt
73mins   2018   UK   12A    F-Rated

Live Q&A with director Lorna Tucker

Amá is about the sterilization abuses of Native American women across the United States during the last sixty years.

In Amá we discover the story of Jean Whitehorse, a Navajo woman from New Mexico. Jean lets us into her life and through single interviews and observational filming Jean leads us through the events that led up to her being sterilized and the disastrous affect it had on her life.

Amá sheds new light on the Native American story and sets up the context of the twenty-first century obsession with the 'War on Poverty' and the radical and often unregulated medical practices employed against the Native female population. Amá brings the past and the present together in a film that manages to be contemporary and timely.

'Full marks for bringing this shocking story to the fore, exposing an injustice inflicted on women like Jean who are still waiting for an apology from the federal government' - Leslie Felperin, The Guardian