And Your Bird Can Sing

Dir: Shô Miyake
Cast: Tasuku Emoto, Shizuka Ishibashi
106mins   2018   Japan   18   Japanese   

Kimi no tori wa utaeru

Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2020
Happiness is a State of Mind: Joy and Despair in Japanese Cinema

A carefree ménage á trois / coming-of-age story that unfolds on sultry summer nights, attempting to draw out the desire to live in the moment into infinity.The sense of being adrift, by turns exuberant and melancholic sets the pace. Night clubs are for clubbing, karaoke, billiards and the next morning the three wake up beside each other once again. The film observes the young people as they gradually begin to look at themselves. The camera captures their faces and emotional responses in close-up, then takes a big step back as more and more perspectives continue to appear on the horizon.

Organised by the Japan Foundation with Major Support from Japan Airlines, Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation, and Yakult, with Sponsorship in Kind from SUQQU, and in Cultural Partnership with Modern Culture.


Tue 3 March