Barbican’s Autism and Cinema: Keep The Change

Dir: Rachel Israel
Cast: Brandon Polansky, Samantha Elisofan
94mins   2017   US   no rating   English   

Barbican's Autism and Cinema Season

Set in New York, this film adopts the traits and expectations of a quirky urban, romantic comedy, but infuses a deep poignancy in its honest engagements with a community rarely depicted in the cinema.

By casting autistic actors to play autistic characters, Keep the Change has a layer of realism in its depiction of the budding romance between aspiring filmmaker David (Brandon Polansky) and Sarah (Samantha Elisofan).

Writer and director Rachel Israel has drawn from the everyday experiences of her close friend and lead actor, Brandon Polansky, who constructed the script together with Israel, through hundreds of hours of improvisation.

'Romantics will find plenty to warm their hearts' - Kimber Myers, Los Angeles TImes



Thu 14 October