Dir: Mike Mills
Cast: Ewan McGregor, Christopher Plummer, Mélanie Laurent
105mins   2010   USA   15   English   

Beginners will be introduced by Dr Niall Richardson, Convenor of MA Media and Gender at the University of Sussex. Niall will discuss how older gay men have been represented in cinema and how Beginners attempts to challenge many of the earlier stereotypes and narrative conventions.

'Beginners is immensely moving, funny and involving, the acting beyond reproach, with Christopher Plummer bringing a rare wit, compassion and unsanctimonious grace to the role of Hal. In its quiet, unostentatious way, it's one of the most sensitive films I've seen about the experience of living through and responding to the profound social changes of the past 60 years.' -  Philip French, The Guardian

This film is being screened as part of the six week Queer Cinema course but can also be booked as a standalone event.