Dir: Alejandro G. Iñárritu
Cast: Javier Bardem
148mins   2010   Mexico, Spain   15   Spanish    Subtitled   

Uxbal, a career criminal, plies his trade in Barcelona's underground sweatshops and back alleys. Unlike his associates, he has some respect for the poor workers under his thumb and is a devoted father. Told that he is ill and has just a few months to live, Uxbal tries to get his affairs in order before the spirits, with whom he communes, come to claim him.

'Iñárritu has made a modern classical tragedy and, in Javier Bardem, he has found his first authentic hero; a character caught up in an intricate web of events he cannot extricate himself from' - Andrew Male, Empire

This film is being screened in conjunction with Lewes U3A as part of our U3A Spanish season.


Fri 25 January