Breaking Away

Dir: Peter Yates
Cast: Dennis Christopher, Dennis Quaid, Daniel Stern
101mins   1979   USA   12A   English, Italian, French   

Four friends come to terms with life after high school in this charming comedy, which won the Best Screenplay Oscar in 1979. When top-notch cyclist Dave learns that the world's bicycling champions are always Italian, he attempts to turn himself into an Italian, driving his parents crazy. But everything changes after he meets the Italian racing team - an encounter that ultimately leads him and his friends to challenge the local college boys in the town's annual bike race.

'Breaking Away is a wonderfully sunny, funny, goofy, intelligent movie that makes you feel about as good as any movie in a long time. It is, in fact, a treasure.' - Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times

Screened as part of Depot's Cycle Film Festival.