Dir: Timothy George Kelly
Cast: Noam Chomsky, Saskia Sassen, Guy Standing, Nick Srnicek, Heidi Mirza, Federico Campagna
80mins   2017   UK   12A   English   

On/off. Yes/no. Leave or remain? While referenda always divide people, Brexit did so in a manner unprecedented in modern British history. But underneath these binaries we find human beings whose individual stories influenced the outcome of this historic and perplexing vote. In the referendum the UK was torn apart by debates over the great themes of our age: migration, waning empires, work and its decreasing relevance in an outsourced world that is becoming ever more automated.

Brexitannia is a portrait of a democracy in all its impossible and ugly glory. With subtle force, yet without judgement, it presents the people of a once powerful empire as they negotiate their identities in a world that is changing faster than ever and in which power appears to lie further and further from people's own hands.

Screened as part of the Right Now Film Festival.

The screening will be followed by a special 'Cinemas of the Mind' film club discussion facilitated by Dr Jake Harvey, forensic psychiatrist, and Jenny Leeburn, psychoanalytic psychotherapist. Whilst the discussion will focus on the psychological aspects of the film, and the emotional impact on the viewer, the club is very much open to everyone and all perspectives, views and ideas are most welcome (indeed encouraged). After the film, please grab yourself a drink and/or snack and we will meet 15mins after the end of the film in the Studio. The discussion will last around one hour but those who really catch the bug are of course free to debate long into the night.

*Cinemas of the Mind, part of the Arts Forum of Psychotherapy Sussex, has been running post screening events since 2001. CPD certificates available on request.


Wed 21 March