Brighton Festival: Intimate Lighting

Dir: Ivan Passer
Cast: Zdenek Bezusek, Karel Blazek, Miroslav Cvrk
71mins   1965   Czechoslovakia   PG    Czech    Subtitled   

Part of Brighton Festival 

Bambas is a music teacher living in a small Czechoslovakian village. While preparing to play in a local concert, he learns his childhood friend, Peter , now a successful musician living in Prague, plans to visit. Bambas asks Peter to stay with him and his family, and Peter marvels at how Bambas has settled into small-town life. Later, over the course of meals with Bambas' family and chores around the house, Peter marvels at the comedy of domestic life.

One of the most important films of the Czech New Wave 60s movement., which was ranked among the top ten domestic films of all time - and the feature debut from screenwriter and director Ivan Passer.