Cinecity: Flee and Diseased & Disorderly

Dir: Jonas Poher Rasmussen
97mins   2021   Denmark   15   Danish    Subtitled   

Part of CineCity 2021

Winner of the World Cinema Documentary Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, Flee is a stylish blend of vibrant animation and archive footage. Amin fled Afghanistan as a child refugee via Russia, finally arriving in Denmark. Now an accomplished academic, he is set to marry his long-term boyfriend. Having kept much of his past a secret, he agrees to make a film to explore it with his director friend. The close relationship between subject and director helps to create a level of intimacy essential for trust and candour to unravel what happened in Amin’s past. What follows is not a straightforward account but is nevertheless gripping. The narrative twists, turns and adjusts as memory is revealed as an unreliable narrator. This is documentary at its most innovative and compelling, an expansive, sophisticated and highly accomplished piece of work.

Plus Short Diseased & Disorderly by Andrew Kötting in collaboration with Eden Kötting. A phantasmagorical journey into a world of Eden Kötting’s making and then beyond. A film that uses the paintings, drawings and collages of the neurodiverse artist Eden to make imagistic gold.


Sun 14 November