Cinecity: Paris, 13th District

Dir: Jacques Audiard
Cast: Lucie Zhang, Makita Samba, Noémie Merlant
105mins   2021   France   15   French    Subtitled    F-Rated

Part of CineCity 2021

A love triangle set in contemporary Paris, in which Emilie a call-centre worker, Camille a high school teacher, and Nora a law student become erotically intertwined. Dubbed the millennial Jules et Jim and shot in cool black-and-white as a reference to its cinematic influences, this is nonetheless far from a nostalgic Parisian ménage à trois. Filmed during the coronavirus pandemic, the undercurrents nod to a very contemporary take on sex and romance. The sexual encounters feel incidental and transactional. The characters are not aimless, but they use each other as part distraction, part itch to scratch during the blanks in everyday life. Set in the aesthetically austere Les Olympiades area of the city, fans of Audiard’s earlier work (A Prophet, Dheepan) may recognise how the characters are both separate from and part of their harsh surroundings, making you zone in on them further. A refreshingly modern take on a familiar story.


Wed 10 November