Day In/Day Out

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This online interactive practical course is designed to provide you with the skills to create excellent video diaries or short documentaries about a day in your life. This could be an exciting day trip you want to capture or just a reflection on an average day. The course is for young people and families and consists of two 2 hour sessions over two weeks. In Session 1 you will get filming tips, learn how to upload footage and complete a practice exercise. In Session 2, once you have filmed some footage, the focus will be on editing techniques including montage, adding credits and music. The cost of the full course is £20 per household and it runs on September 12 and 19 from 10:00 - 12:00

The course is run by Ant Gates, Depot's resident filmmaking expert who has years of teaching experience. You will need access to a camera or smartphone and have a computer that you can download some editing software onto.