Dead Good

Dir: Rehana Rose
78mins   2018   UK   PG   English    F-Rated

Post-screening Q&A on 10 May & 12 May

For nearly twenty years, a small group of women in Brighton have been changing the way people look after their dead, supporting them during the ritual of care after death and enabling them to create personal ceremonies that reflect the life that the deceased lived.

With extraordinary access, this independent feature documentary witnesses three groups of people on their unknown journeys making very different decisions about how they are involved in caring for their deceased and in organising the ceremonies. This relatively unknown work is part of an emerging movement that is changing how, as a society, we are dealing with the ritual of care and ceremonial rites in modern Britain. The 'progressive death movement' is growing across North America, Australia and New Zealand as well as the UK.

'This is an unbelievably timely and important film. It is beautifully crafted, so comforting as well as moving and gives the wisdom forth so simply and compellingly. Everyone should see this' - Dame Emma Thompson

'A gentle gem that demystifies death' - Tim Coleman, Total Film