Depot anniversary party

Dir: Charles Chaplin
Cast: Charles Chaplin, Virginia Cherrill, Florence Lee
87mins   1931   USA   Depot event   

Join us in celebrating the anniversary of Depot's opening with a memorable evening of film, food and frivolity!

We're marking our first year with a party like no other. We begin the evening with a screening of the enduring Charlie Chaplin masterpiece, City Lights, in which a homeless tramp befriends a lovely blind flower seller and convinces her he is a millionaire while he secretly labours to pay for the restoration of her sight.

Since opening, Depot's restaurant café has set a new standard for quality locally sourced food and, naturally, food forms an important part of our celebration, with a delightful buffet.

DJ Fruitful Soundsystem will get everyone dancing until midnight. A magical evening to bring everyone together in celebration - we are one!

Tickets available separately for just the film (£6), buffet (£15) or disco (£5) - or buy in combination and save.



Thu 31 May