Dir: George Greenough
Cast: George Greenough
50mins   1972   15   English   

Post-screening Q&A with surf journalist and surfboard builder Andy Fielding

Influential surfer George Greenough's Echoes was released 50 years ago, and is now back in a stunning 4K version. Experience this classic film with its fantastic Pink Floyd soundtrack, supported by a further 5 short films which George made along the way, these films are guaranteed to put a huge smile on your face as you get treated to the view as George weaves through the tube.

Enjoy a glimpse into the fun of messing around with the crew, hear George talking about the varying degrees and stages of 'wiping out', and watch him cruise around in old cars during the mid-60's.

The epic 'Echoes' will transport you back in time to a very special day at Lennox Point.

The programme:
1. Get It By The Wings - George catches a large wasp by the wings and lets it go outside.
2. Heads - The crew having fun.
3. Wipeout - 4 different types of wipeouts all shot with an onboard camera.
4. Deep Tube Riding - The largest wave filmed for Echoes. The outside part of this wave was shot off the cove south of Lennox and the 2nd part off Lennox Point which
is the big tube. This is one long camera take. George put the wave back together as it was originally shot and talks about the problems of filming a wave this big and long.
5. All I've Found - Short trips in old cars in the mid-60's
6. Echoes - Music by Pink Floyd. Shot in 1970/71. A timeless trip in the sea you have to experience yourself.

Sound: Will Connors, Band of Frequencies, Pink Floyd

For the restoration of Echoes, George decided to use the original format of 4:3 instead of 16:9. The other 5 films are 16:9. With 4:3 you can see more of the top and bottom of the wave as its not cropped to fit the 16:9 widescreen format.