Editing A Film On Your Smart Phone

60mins   no rating   

Part of WOFFF 2018

By the end of this session with BBC Journalism trainer, Deirdre Mulcahy, you will be able to edit a simple short video with music, learning the skills needed to be able to upload a video to a social media site.

No filming or editing experience is necessary. This is a well-paced, fun session and there will be no pressure to do anything with the material on the day, but you will be able and confident to edit a simple video in the future.

In order for the session to be effective, before arriving at the workshop you should download the free app Quik, which is available from the App Store for iPhones, and Google Play for Android.

It’s important that you have some video material already recorded on your phone in order the get the best out of the session. If you are attending Deirdre's earlier workshop (Making a Film on Your Smart Phone), you will have some recorded content you can use.