FFF: The Restless

Dir: Joachim Lafosse
Cast: Leïla Bekhti, Damien Bonnard, Luc Schiltz, Larisa Faber
117mins   2021   Belgium   15   French    Subtitled   

Part of the French Film Festival

Live Zoom Q&A with director Joachim Lafosse

Leïla Bekhti and Damien Bonnard star as a couple who share a child and whose life together is impacted by bipolarism. They struggle to make the marriage work in the face of illness in a film that questions the limits of romantic commitment. She tells him over and over again that she can't keep going. However much Leïla may love Damien, however much they might form a nucleus with their son Amine, the lives of this family of three are not an idyll.

It marks Belgian director Lafosse's ninth feature and was inspired by his father, a photographer who lived with bipolar disorder.


Wed 8 December