Halas & Batchelor: an animation legacy

Dir: John Hallas, Joy Batchelor
67mins   UK   U   English   

With an introduction by Jez Stewart from the BFI in conversation with Vivien Halas, daughter of the animators and custodian of the Halas and Batchelor estate, the programme for this screening is made up of a number of shorts:

The Fable of Fabrics (1941), 6 mins
Dustbin Parade (1941), 9 mins
6 Little Jungle Boys (1941), 9 mins
Figurehead (1953) 9 mins
Snip and Snap Top Dogs (1960), 6 mins
Automania 2000 (1964), 10 mins
Children and Cars (1970), 12 mins
Animation Has Changed (1971), 6 mins

Screened as part of our celebration of Halas & Batchelor animation at Depot May/June 2018 featuring an exhibition in our Studio.