Her Way

87mins   18   

An impressive feature debut with this contemporary tale set in the French city of Strasbourg. A strong lead performance from Call My Agent's Laure Calamy, who commands every scene she's in, ensures the film grabs you from the off, sucking you into a story essentially about the bond between a single mother and her son, and specifically her best intentions for his future. Marie, a single mother and sex-worker, has never needed anyone's help. But when her son's tuition money becomes unaffordable, she begins fighting the oppressive laws in France whilst doing whatever it takes to support her child.
The film's biggest asset is Calamy who is so good in the lead. It's a stunning, brave turn and she is an absolute joy to watch throughout.
Director: CĂ©cile Ducrocq
Cast: Laure Calamy


Fri 26 August