Here For Life

Dir: Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Adrian Jackson
Cast: Jo Galbraith, Jake Goode, Richard Honeyghan
87mins   2019   UK   15   English   

Cinecity The Brighton Film Festival
Followed by a Q&A with director Andrea Luke Zimmerman hosted by author Amy Raphael

An uncommon story told on common ground by ten Londoners. All have lives shaped by loss and love, trauma and bravery, struggle and resistance. They grapple with a system stacked against them. They dance, steal and eat together; agree and disagree, celebrate their differences and share their talents. The lines between one person's story and another's performance of it are blurred, and the borders between reality and fiction are equally porous. Eventually coming together on a makeshift stage built on reclaimed ground between two train tracks, they prompt a debate about the world we live in, who has stolen what from whom, and how things might be fixed.

'Politics contains the beautiful and the mundane, the film suggests, and we should value both if we are to effectively communicate an image of the individual and their world' - Another Gaze