Hero: Inspired By The Extraordinary Life and Times of Mr. Ulric Cross

Dir: Frances-Anne Solomon
Cast: Nicolai Salcedo, Kofi Adjorlolo, Jimmy Akingbola, Giles Alderson
111mins   2018   Trinidad & Tobego, Canada   12A   English   

Followed by a Q&A with director Frances-Anne Solomon, lead actor Nicolai Salcedo and Ulric Cross' son Richard Finch

A Black History Month event hosted by Jonathan Ali

Inspired by the life and times of Caribbean war hero, judge and diplomat, starting in 1941 as Ulric Cross, a young man from Trinidad, leaves his island home to seek his fortune. He survived the Second World War as the RAF’s most decorated West Indian recruit, but then started down another course to become part of the movement of history.

Cross’ long life spanned key moments of the 20th Century including independence in Africa and the Caribbean, and this feature explores not just the life of Ulric Cross, but also the dynamic and transformative times that he was born into.

We are very pleased to be screening this film that features the life of local Lewes resident Ann Cross, who will be joining us in the audience for this event. Ann has a history in curating Cuban cinema for the UK market, as well as organising trips to the Cuba Solidarity Film Festival and taking part in the Lewes Film Festival.

'Stimulating and provocative - filmed history that means to prompt debate' - Mike McCahill, The Guardian


Sat 26 October