How To Deaf

78mins   12A    Subtitled   

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A London Short Film Festival touring shorts programme for D/deaf audiences curated by Deaf programmer, Zoë McWhinney. This is a package of award winning and rarely screened short films from around the world.

The full programme comprises a selection of thought-provoking contemporary short films from the UK, USA and Spain that each bring stories about D/deaf culture and experience to the big screen.

The programme will be followed by a discussion led by Omeima Mudawi.

Will Clark, UK, 2019, 10’ [BSL and English Subtitles]
Lucy left England for Glasgow, Scotland in search of something new. Starting with nothing we follow her journey asshe builds a new life, discovers her inner strength and ultimately the meaning of HOME!

If You Knew
Stroma Cairns, UK, 2019, 6’ [BSL and English Subtitles]
After months of fighting and no communication, two teenage twin brothers come together to spend a day in Canvey Island.

Ryan & Jackson Hogan, UK, 2018, 19’ [English Subtitles]
A film told entirely through the alternating perspectives of a deaf woman and a blind man, as they go through the emotional turmoil of their first date.

Patrick Barklamb, UK, 2019, 5’ [English Subtitles]
The story of how a young individual, the filmmaker, became deaf in his right ear. This is a portrait and testimony of what his life is now like, reflecting on the experience.

Edgar Murillo, Spain, 2017, 13’ [English Subtitles]
Ernesto discovers a new disease and doesn’t know how to face it...

A Sonic Pulse
Dorothy Allen-Pickard, UK, 2019 7’ [BSL and English Subtitles]
Music shouldn't be defined by hearing people because it's about feeling vibrations and frequencies.

Nice Talking to You
Saim Sadiq, US/Pakistan, 2018, 19’ [ASL and English Subs]
Two strangers form a silent bond in the world’s loudest city.