Ibiza: The Silent Movie

Dir: Julien Temple
90mins   2019   UK   18   

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Every year 6 Million visitors pour onto the Island of Ibiza.  The vast majority have one goal in mind -  to dance. Others seek magic and spirituality, excitement and rest.  Most are unaware of Ibiza’s long history of conflict, never more apparent than today, as the increasing dominance of the commercial world drives the ever growing annual invasion of wealthy socialites, gentrifying the island in the name of progress.

Without words or narration, this is the extraordinary 2,000-year story of dance music's most influential, charismatic and spiritual island filled with an explosion of music, imagery, re-enactments and remarkable archive clips - with an eclectic score curated and composed by Fatboy Slim, set to director Julien Temple's iconic trademark documentary style which combine to deliver a breath taking immersive audio visual experience .