In Defence of Our Lands

Dir: Manu Valcarce
75mins   2021   15   Spanish    Subtitled   

Live intro & post-screening panel discussion

In this powerful documentary, we hear from activists in Mexico, Honduras and Colombia about the struggles they have fought to protect their lands and the environment; about the brutal policies that allow multinational corporations to extract the wealth of the land while ignoring the people living there and how the legally required consultations are avoided or rigged. We see the strength and commitment of the people and the communities who stand up to the powerful in defence of their lands.

The film will be introduced by Susi Bascon, UK Director of Peace Brigades International, and will be be followed by a panel discussion with the film-maker and interviewer and a representative of XR Climate Justice. What can we learn from their struggle? How can we platform and support these activists?


Wed 20 October