Incidental Characters

Dir: Ben Verrall
Cast: Sophia Capasso, Steve Watts, Howard Perret, Isabella Marshall
107mins   2020   UK   12A   English   

Followed by Q&A with director Ben Verrall (Thurs 27)

A very British comedy about fitting in, falling out, getting lost and finding the way back again, set in the picturesque English market town of Lewes. Incidental Characters addresses some of the key challenges of modern life - overcoming loneliness, finding purpose and being true to your identity.

Josie has recently graduated from Art School. She now finds herself lacking inspiration and disillusioned, failing to launch her career. Tony is struggling to come to terms with his sexuality. Twice married and seeking a new companion, he lets the need for approval stand in the way of true love. Alf lives in a world of his own; everyone else is an alien. With meaning so often lost in translation, Alf stumbles into friendship before falling head over heels in love. Alison is stuck in her lonely habits. In a small town, it is too easy to keep going over old ground. She makes the same mistakes time and again.


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