IRL – Under 25s film festival

Dir: Various
Cast: Kate Nash, Liv Wynter
100mins   2017   UK   15   English   

Depot Young Programmers present a short film event from the London Short Film Festival, programmed by and for under 25s.

When did we disconnect? How do we reconnect? And do we even want to? These shorts take us to the cornerstones of millennial existence - dance floors, grotty flatshares, grottier Wetherspoons and Grindr inboxes - in the pursuit of connection, online and off. Our hero/ines navigate burnout, the binary and a reality both anxiety-inducing and mundane in equal measure in a programme looking to community across the intersection and beyond the ether.

"When I got the opportunity to watch this programme ahead of its first screening, I was blown away by just how great all the films were. It felt like going down the rabbit hole of “up next” on Youtube as the whole thing just seemed to flow seamlessly. All the shorts in it are reflective of the here and now without being too “hello fellow kids” about it, and they tackle important subjects like love, identity and community that are vital to defining what it means to be a young person right now" - Dan Guthrie, Young Programmer

One lucky audience member will win an Avengers: Endgame poster - look under your seat for the winning ticket!