It’s All True

Dir: Bill Krohn, Myron Meisel, Orson Welles
Cast: Manuel 'Jacare' Olimpio Meira, Jeronimo André De Souza, Raimundo 'Tata' Correia Lima
89mins   1993   France | United States   U   Portuguese | English   

Part of Summer of Music: Latin America

In 1942, fresh off the success of "Citizen Kane," director Orson Welles journeys to Brazil to make a documentary.

The unscripted look at bullfighting, the samba and three fisherman making a voyage of protest on the open sea stuns the studio with its daring storytelling and politics.

The unfinished film is scuttled, and so is the director's career. The story of the debacle is told through interviews with Welles and others involved in the project, plus rarely viewed scenes from the documentary.



Tue 20 August