Janine Jansen: Falling For Stradivari

Dir: Gerry Fox
131mins   2021   UK   U   English    F-Rated

Dutch virtuoso Janine Jansen and Director of the Royal Opera Sir Antonio Pappano dazzle as they embark on a journey to record an album on 12 of the world's greatest Stradivari violins.

Janine is followed from initial research and rehearsals in Stockholm to a hectic month in London where, accompanied by Pappano on the piano, she becomes acquainted with each of the violins and selects works that fit them best. Made by the legendary luthier Antonio Stradivarius, some of these violins have not been played for 200 years, while others belonged to the greatest virtuosos ever - including Kreisler, Milstein, Haendel and Shumsky, all featured in the film in powerful archive. Janine falls ill with Covid, but in a virtuoso feat of determination, she recovers to rehearse and record this astonishing album with just a day to spare before the first violin must be returned to its owner. Up close and personal, we see not only what makes these the most unique stringed instruments in the world, but also the enormous humour, spark and energy that drives two of the world's leading musicians at the top of their creative game.


Mon 6 September