Je Tu Il Elle

Dir: Chantal Akerman
Cast: Chantal Akerman, Niels Arestrup, Claire Wauthion
86mins   1975   Belgium | France   15   French   

Part of QueerFest 2024

Introduced by Lisa Holloway, Film Studies lecturer and Doctoral Tutor at the University of Sussex

Chantal Akerman’s first narrative feature is a startlingly vulnerable exploration of alienation and the search for connection.

In a performance at once daringly exposed and enigmatic, Akerman plays a young woman who, following a lengthy, self-imposed exile, ventures out into the world, where she has two very different experiences of intimacy: first with a truck driver who picks her up, and then with a female ex-lover.

Culminating in an audacious, real-time carnal encounter that brought lesbian sexuality to the screen with a new frankness, Je tu il elle finds Akerman wielding her radical minimalism with a newfound emotional and psychological precision.