Junk Head

Dir: Takahide Hori
100mins   2017   Japan   15    Subtitled   

A stop-motion animation that was seven years in the making, from animation pioneer Takahide Hori.

Mankind attains longevity through gene manipulation, but finds itself on the road to extinction when the species loses the ability to reproduce.  Their clones who rebelled 1,600 years ago are now known as Marigans and rule the bottomless underworld. Some of them seem to have become fertile and the government takes this as a ray of hope and decides to send civilians in to carry out an ecological study.

Selected for the mission, Parton sets off on an adventure through a subterranean labyrinth crawling with monsters in order to secure humanity’s future.

'It is such a consistently imaginative piece and not just in terms of character design but framing, editing, and the other elements needed to make a stop-motion feature work' - Brian Tallerico,

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