Loving Highsmith

Dir: Eva Vitija
Cast: Patricia Highsmith (archive footage), Marijane Meaker, Monique Buffet
84mins   2022    Switzerland | Germany   15   English | German | French    F-Rated

As part of QueerFest, Depot is paying tribute to the iconic Patricia Highsmith. Loving Highsmith includes a post-film discussion with crime writer Lesley Thomson.

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A unique look at the life of celebrated American author Patricia Highsmith based on her diaries and notebooks and the intimate reflections of her lovers, friends and family. Focusing on Highsmith's quest for love and her troubled identity, the film sheds new light on her life and writing. Most of Highsmith's novels were adapted for the big screen; the best known of these are Strangers on a Train and The Talented Mr. Ripley. Carol, a partly autobiographic novel, was the first lesbian story with a happy ending to be published in 1950s America. But Highsmith herself was forced to lead a double life and had to hide her vibrant love affairs from her family and the public.

'The documentary’s mosaic-like construction evokes Highsmith’s unusually complex triangle of literary drive, personal frustrations, and public image' - Richard Brody, New Yorker