Manon des Sources

Dir: Claude Berri
Cast: Yves Montand, Emmanuelle Béart, Daniel Auteuil
113mins   1986    Switzerland | Italy | France   PG   French    Subtitled   

Manon, a beautiful shepherdess in Provence, France, has lost her father and seen her family's livelihood ruined through the greediness of her neighbours: Ugolin and his grandfather, Cesar.

Now grown and living in isolation from the village, she plots revenge against the men for their misdeeds. Her plot is complicated by Ugolin, who has fallen in love with her, but Manon's retribution will not be deterred.

'Another aching heartbreaker of a film by Berri that absorbs and rewards the audience for sticking with Manon on her sun-beaten quest' - Gavin Bainbridge, Empire Magazine


Sun 10 September