Dir: Jonah Hill
Cast: Sunny Suljic, Katherine Waterston, Lucas Hedges
85mins   2019   U.S   15   English   

Stevie is a thirteen-year-old attempting to navigate his way through the trappings of '90s-era Los Angeles - an older brother who regularly beats him up, desperate attempts to learn to skate in his front driveway and, of course, trying to be cool enough to make friends.

After summoning up the courage to go into his local skate shop and after hanging around long enough until someone notices him, Stevie soon finds a new group of friends - older, more experienced skaters - that quickly take Stevie under their wing.

'Writer-director Jonah Hill shows the joy and warmth that comes in finding true kindred spirits in a pre-social media era' - Mara Reinstein, Us Weekly


Wed 24 April


Thu 25 April