My Bicycle

Dir: Aung Rakhine
Cast: Indira Chakma, Kamal Mani Chakma
60mins   2015   Bangladesh   no rating   Chakma    Subtitled   

When Kamal returns to his hillside village remote from the city with a bicycle, his son is happy to have his father back - but his empty hands make his wife anxious. Kamal decides not to return to the city, even though jobs are scarce in the village. He invents himself a trade, offering to carry the villagers from place to place on his cycle. Though at first the locals do not know what a bicycle is, they quickly become familiar with the concept. One day an accident occurs and an old man is injured. Local hooligans threaten Kamal's livelihood, forbidding villagers from riding on his bicycle.

This screening of the first ever Chakma language feature film is to raise awareness of the plight of the indigenous Jumma people in Bangladesh. Organised in collaboration with Jumma People's Network International and Jumma Peoples Network UK. Join us for a question and answer session after the film with campaigners from both groups. Proceeds will support the campaign for justice for Jumma women.

Read the New Internationalist article with a link to the petition.


Sat 5 May