My Friend ‘A’

Dir: Takahisa Zeze
Cast: Tôma Ikuta, Eita, Munetaka Aoki
128mins   2018   Japan   18   Japanese    Subtitled   

Yuuzai, 友罪

Celebrating new Japanese films in collaboration with The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2019

Audience favourite, Toma Ikuta, continues his flourishing streak on the big screen – this time portraying a down and out journalist, Masuda, whose lofty ambitions result in an article that inadvertently causes tragedy. Disillusioned, he resigns himself to a menial job at a small factory where he encounters Suzuki. Though he establishes a friendship with him, Masuda begins to grow suspicious of his withdrawn co-worker, who he believes may have been involved in a spate of chilling murders that took place almost two decades ago.

My Friend 'A' presents an aching drama which questions the meaning of friendship, the limits of responsibility and coming to terms with guilt.

Introduced by Saori Miyaji, MA Film Studies student at the University of Sussex and video/app scriptwriter


Mon 4 March