My Nazi Legacy

Dir: David Evans
Cast: Niklas Frank, Horst von Wächter, Philippe Sands
96mins   2015   UK   PG   English   

Three men travel together across Europe. For two of them the journey involves a confrontation with the acts of their fathers, who were both senior Nazi officers. For the third, the eminent human rights lawyer and author Philippe Sands, it means visiting the place where much of his own Jewish family was destroyed by the fathers of the two men he has come to know. It is an emotional, psychological exploration of three men wrestling with their past, the present of Europe - and conflicting versions of the truth.

Philippe Sands is one of the world’s leading international human rights lawyers and Professor of International Law at University College, London. In a joint venture with Lewes Literary Society, Depot screens his film, My Nazi Legacy, in which Sands contrasts the responses of the sons of two Nazi war criminals to their fathers’ crimes. The film will be introduced by Miriam Moss

On Tuesday 20 March, Philippe Sands will talk to the Lewes Literary Society about his book, East West Street, an examination of the origins of laws covering crimes against humanity, which was awarded the Baillie Gifford Prize for non-fiction in 2016.


Sun 18 March