Dir: Abel Gance
Cast: Albert Dieudonné, Vladimir Roudenko, Edmond Van Daële, Antonin Artaud
330mins   1927   France   PG   

Abel Gance's extraordinary depiction of the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte is a landmark in cinema history, lauded by directors such as Martin Scorsese and Stanley Kubrick, but a film that few audiences have had the opportunity to experience.

Painstakingly reconstructed by film historian Kevin Brownlow, the film has now been digitally restored in all its glory by Photoplay and the BFI National Archive and is available on DCP for the first time,  with its newly-recorded 7.1 score composed and conducted by Carl Davis.

Featuring ground-breaking technical innovations including its famous wide screen triptych finale, rich tints and tones and an epic running time of five hours plus intervals, this is the film event of the century for all cinephiles.

This five hour long epic is screened with three intervals, at 14:05 (50 mins), 16:00 (20 mins) and 18:05 (10 mins), ending at 19:05. (Timings approximate)


Napoleon buffet (served in our Gallery during the first interval; available to order when booking your ticket below):

Coq au vin, mushroom bourguignon, rustic rice, roast beetroot salad, baby potato salad, salad leaves, dinner rolls £10.00