On Our Doorstep

Dir: Thomas Laurance
87mins   2022   UK   12A   English | French | Arabic | Pashto | Farsi   

Followed by a live director Q&A, hosted by Jerry Rothwell. Screened as part of Refugee Week 2023

On Our Doorstep delves deep into an aspect of the ongoing refugee crisis that rarely reaches the press. With NGOs being blocked by red tape and with the absence of ny positive action by French or British authorities, this film is a behind-the-scenes look at the extraordinary grassroots movement that rose to aid the Calais 'Jungle', and the community that sprang up there, before it was forcefully demolished.

Originally arriving in the 'Jungle' as a volunteer carpenter, Thomas Laurance ended up embedding himself for a year, documenting what he saw up until the camp's destruction. Upon returning to the UK, Thomas sourced footage from other filmmakers, activists, volunteers and refugees, weaving together a patchwork of intimate frontline experience that offers unique access to the communities
of the 'Jungle'.

This is the story of what happens when young and inexperienced civilians are forced to devise systems and structures to support 10,000 refugees; and are left unguided to face the moral and emotional dilemmas, blurred lines and frequent grey areas of giving aid to vulnerable people. On Our Doorstep stands as a reminder of the continuing work ordinary civilians do to help those forced to seek safety away from home.

“A remarkable act of bearing witness. Deeply moving, incredibly powerful, On Our Doorstep captures the hardship and humanity of the Calais refugee camp with sensitivity and honesty. And with the increasingly hostile government response to the on-going refugee crisis, we need this film now more than ever” - Juliet Stevenson, Actor


Mon 19 June