Penny Slinger: Out of the Shadows

Dir: Richard Kovitch
Cast: Maria Blum, Tim Blum, Jack Bond
98mins   2017   UK   PG   English   

Screened as part of Artwave.

The incredible, untold story of the British artist Penny Slinger and the traumatic events that led to the creation of her masterpiece, the 1977 photo-romance, 'An Exorcism'. Coming-of-age against a back drop of post-war austerity and the explosion of colour that characterised the 1960s counter-culture in London, Penny Slinger embraced her generation's quest for personal freedom and sexual liberation and channeled these desires into her ground-breaking collages and sculptures. So powerful was her vision that 45 years later her work is still influencing contemporary artists.

'Essential viewing for anyone with a passing interest in either British art, second-wave feminism or experimental cinema from the mid-20th Century' - Leslie Felperin, The Guardian


Mon 19 August


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