Plants in Unlikely Places

105mins   PG   

Part of  Artwave 2021

Saturday 11th September, 11:00 and 14:00
Children aged 8 and over are welcome, accompanied by an adult

During the last year of lockdowns it has been more important than ever to get outside and notice nature. During these walks we will be looking for plants where you least expect them; for wildflowers growing by railway lines, car parks, on pavements and in empty building sites.

Join Sara, an artist who is exploring notions of care for biodiversity in overlooked wastelands in a time of climate emergency. You will also be accompanied by a plant expert to help identify the plants, discuss edible plants, plants in folklore and how plants get their names.

You will start at Depot to admire the wildflower garden. We will then walk, slowly, around Lewes and ending up at the Phoenix Industrial Estate.

It is hoped that the findings, species names, locations and drawings will be collected and uploaded to Instagram after the events and will hopefully become part of the ongoing project with the Lewes Wildflower Group.

The event is free as it is part of Sara Grisewood’s research degree, a practice-led PhD at UAL. If you have any queries please contact Sara Grisewood: [email protected]


Sat 11 September