Plastic Warriors

Dir: Mike Wafer
83mins   TBC   

UK Premiere Screening

Post-screening Q&A with Ella Dais, Claire Potter & Poppy Chandler

Has our plastic problem improved? Despite enormous public, industry and policy attention in the past 5 years, this new eye opening feature documentary investigates the damaging effects plastic pollution is continuing to have on our health, lifestyle and wildlife with a strong focus on the UK.

This is the story of the Plastic Warriors - from eminent scientists, campaigners on the front line, to the innovators and designers working on solutions to solve this global crisis that politicians and governments are largely ignoring.

The film takes audiences on a journey to deep sea coral reefs, basking shark hotspots and huge seabird colonies, to discover first-hand the extreme danger of the scourge of plastic that's engulfing every aspect of their lives. Plastic warriors is an urgent reminder about the wider issues and a film that inspires action.

Post-screening Q&A panel:

Ella Daish - UK-based environmental activist and founder of the #EndPeriodPlastic campaign. Her award-winning campaign has lead to significant changes in the period industry. Ella has influenced Welsh councils and government to spend their period poverty funding, which makes menstrual products freely available at schools and colleges, on eco-friendly products. She was awarded the Climate Coalitions Green Heart Hero 2020 Award for Individual Inspiration, included on The Big Issue's Top 100 Changemakers of 2020, and BBC Woman's Hour Power List, for her activism and campaigning efforts.

Claire Potter - Circular Economy expert, author of 'Welcome to the Circular Economy: The next step in sustainable living' and Senior Lecturer and Course Convenor - BSc/BA Product Design, University of Sussex.

Poppy Chandler - Filmmaker, 'Plastic Warriors'. Poppy has spent the last 15 years making documentaries for all of the major UK and international broadcasters. Her work has a strong focus on human interest, environment and natural history stories. Growing up on a small island, Poppy has always had a love for the ocean and is passionate about protecting the natural world.


Wed 21 September