Power Trip: Fracking in the UK

Dir: Paul O'Connor
63mins   2018   UK   U   English   

Documentary taking the viewer onto the front lines of UK resistance in the battle to stop the controversial energy extraction process known as fracking. We follow Lancashire Nanas, grandmothers who set up a campaign group and teamed up with younger activists Reclaim the Power to shut down the fracking sites of operator Cuadrilla. Nearer to home, Balcombe in West Sussex becomes the frontline of fracking resistance as trucks are occupied and gates are blocked. We explore how social media is being used by both fracking companies and activists in the battle to win public opinion. We hear from energy experts, journalists and key politicians amongst the voices of local residents and councillors.

The film will be followed by a Q&A with the director Paul O'Connor, investigative journalist and environmental writer Ruth Hayhurst, and hosted by Zuky Serper, artist in residence at the Centre for World Environmental History, University of Sussex.

Part of Green Week 2018 at Depot