ROH: Aida

Dir: Antonio Pappano
Cast: Elena Stikhina, Francesco Meli, Agnieszka Rehlis
180mins   2022   UK   12A   Sung in Italian with English subtitles   

Princess Aida has been kidnapped: a valuable prize in a war between Egypt and Ethiopia. Meanwhile, the ambitious soldier Radames wrestles with his feelings for her. As they draw closer together, each must make an agonizing choice between their loyalty to home, and their love for each other.

In this new production, director Robert Carsen situates Verdi’s large-scale political drama within a contemporary world, framing its power struggles and toxic jealousies in the apparatus of a modern, totalitarian state. Royal Opera Music Director Antonio Pappano conductsVerdi’s glorious, monumental score.

Approximately 3 hours 25 minutes (including one interval)


Wed 12 October


Sun 16 October