ROH: Tosca

Dir: Jonathan Kent
Cast: Elena Stikhina, Bryan Hymel, Alexey Markov, Christophe Mortagne
205mins   2021   no rating   

Royal Opera House LIVE performance - Wednesday 15 December, 19:15

Into the romantic world of an idealistic painter Cavaradossi and his sensuous lover Tosca comes the malevolence of Baron Scarpia, Chief of Police, with fatal results.

Elena Stikina, Bryan Hymel and Alexey Markov bring to life one of the best loved operas in The Royal Opera repertory: Puccini’s Tosca. From the demonic chords with which it famously begins to the violent twist of the opera’s shock ending, the tension never lets up for a moment. Love and evil come – thrillingly – face to face in Jonathan Kent’s intense production.

Running time: 3 hrs 25 mins (including two intervals)


Wed 15 December


Sat 15 January


Wed 19 January